Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Why It's Preferred Over Gastric Bypass

For years, if someone talked about bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery, you could assume they were talking about gastric bypass. This was the only common weight-loss surgery for several decades. But that has changed. Now, there are several weight-loss surgeries to choose from, and one that patients are increasingly choosing is called gastric sleeve surgery. Why is this surgery becoming so popular? Well, the main reason is that it offers some distinct benefits over the more conventional gastric bypass.

How Is Turf Toe Treated?

Do you suddenly have an aching, throbbing pain in your toe after running or playing in grass? There's a good chance you have a condition called turf toe. It's most common in football players, but it can happen to anyone who runs, kicks, and otherwise gets physical activity on their feet. It's actually a sprain of the ligaments connected to the big toe. In other words, it's a toe version of a sprained ankle!

Can You Lose Weight With A High-Protein Diet?

If you are considering customized diet plans, you may have considered a high-protein plan. When you engage in a high-protein diet, you can lose weight. A custom weight loss meal plan can focus on getting you a diet high in protein that helps you build muscle and lose fat. High-protein plans have been popular for a long time, and many weight loss meal plans are designed to help people lose weight.