4 Tips To Become A Healthier You

It can be challenging to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. However, as far as health and wellness go, it is actually the small changes that can make a huge impact on your life. So, here are four tips that can help you lay down the foundation to become a much healthier you, and these tips are small adjustments that you can make in your life that will have long-lasting effects on your health and well-being.

Ways To Manage Atopic Dermatitis Disease

Atopic dermatitis is one of the more common types of eczema. It causes itchy, scaly, red skin patches. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition, but the flares may come and go through the years. This skin condition can make you very uncomfortable, so finding an effective treatment is important. Your doctor might prescribe medical treatments and educate you about how to manage your condition at home. Here are some ways to treat and manage atopic dermatitis disease.

Tips for Having a Water Birth

If you are pregnant and are considering a water birth, you may be wondering about the benefits of doing it. You may also be wondering whether or not it is safe and what you should expect. While it is not the conventional way of giving birth many women do swear by it. They say that it is a beneficial experience that made the birthing process easier. You'll Feel Relaxed One of the main reasons why many women choose a water birth is because it is said to be more relaxing.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Why It's Preferred Over Gastric Bypass

For years, if someone talked about bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery, you could assume they were talking about gastric bypass. This was the only common weight-loss surgery for several decades. But that has changed. Now, there are several weight-loss surgeries to choose from, and one that patients are increasingly choosing is called gastric sleeve surgery. Why is this surgery becoming so popular? Well, the main reason is that it offers some distinct benefits over the more conventional gastric bypass.

How Is Turf Toe Treated?

Do you suddenly have an aching, throbbing pain in your toe after running or playing in grass? There's a good chance you have a condition called turf toe. It's most common in football players, but it can happen to anyone who runs, kicks, and otherwise gets physical activity on their feet. It's actually a sprain of the ligaments connected to the big toe. In other words, it's a toe version of a sprained ankle!