Restless Leg Syndrome: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Restless leg syndrome, or RLS, is a painful and irritating nerve condition in which afflicted individuals feel a tingling, pulsing, or even itching sensation in their legs. The condition often begins in the pelvic or hip area and works its way down the legs. Common in pregnancy as a woman's body changes, this is a condition that can be brought on by poor circulation, pinched nerves, or overall misalignment in the body. If you have RLS, then you know how irritating the condition can be, particularly when you are trying to rest at night. A chiropractor can bring you relief in many ways and help you feel at ease again; here are ways chiropractic care can help you.

Medicine intervention

RLS can be made worse by certain medications, such as cold or flu remedies and anti-nausea drugs. Your chiropractor can go over your current daily medicinal routine and help you choose alternatives that will help keep your condition from getting worse. If you have a prescription for certain pain medication or anti-psychotics, talk to your doctor about their possible effect on your RLS symptoms.

Exercises and stretching

Mild to moderate symptoms of restless leg syndrome can often be treated with gentle exercise and stretching. Your chiropractor can show you how to stretch your hips and pelvic area to reduce stress on your nerves as well as give you helpful massage to your hamstrings and calves. These exercises can be learned so you can do them at home in-between chiropractic visits.

Instability adjustments

One of the things your chiropractor will want to do when you visit them for RLS relief is to check your alignment to make sure your body is in balance. They will want to see how your feet, ankles, hips, pelvis, and lower back are aligned so they can make minor adjustments as necessary. Since an adjustment to your spine can create misalignment in an other area of your body, for example, it may take several repeat visits to the chiropractor to put your entire body at ease.

Using gentle manipulation and alternative therapies, your chiropractor can help bring you the relief you need for your irritating symptoms. Talk to your chiropractor about key areas where your legs bother you the most, such as your upper thigh or pelvic region, so they can better pinpoint the areas to treat. With time and dedication to your appointments, you can feel much better and keep your symptoms from taking over your life.

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