Pros And Cons Of Ketamine Treatment For Depression

Depression can be quite debilitating to live with. There are treatments, of course, but not every treatment is right for everyone. One depression treatment that you may want to consider is ketamine treatment. It's pretty unique compared to other treatments for depression. Consider the pros and cons below to decide whether it's right for you.

Pro: You only need a few treatments.

Ketamine treatments are usually given at a medical facility. The drug can be infused into your bloodstream via an IV. You'll sit there for an hour, or sometimes even less, while the treatment is given. Most people have a few treatments over the course of several weeks. There's no daily, ongoing treatment to remember.

Con: There can be side effects.

Ketamine has been used for a long time, although not always for depression. As such, it is pretty well known to be safe. However, it can cause side effects like nausea and headaches. If you experience these side effects after your first dose, you will need to decide whether it's worth continuing or not. In some cases, your doctor may be able to give you anti-nausea medication to keep you more comfortable during treatment.

Pro: It works by changing your brain's own connections.

Ketamine works by causing your brain to release certain neurotransmitters. When levels of these neurotransmitters are high, the brain is more plastic, which means that it can change more easily. If you have therapy sessions after the ketamine treatment, your brain will change faster in response to the therapy. It will make new connections that are not related to depression. This way, ketamine is able to give you long-term results. It's not just a bandaid.

Con: It can be expensive.

Some insurance companies cover ketamine treatment, but many still consider it to be an alternative treatment and don't cover it. So you may have to pay for it yourself, and costs can add up. Every clinic will have its own cost schedule, but you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars per visit, plus more for the associated therapy.

Depression is a serious health condition and one that often requires treatment. There should be no shame in seeking treatment that works for you, and that treatment very well might be ketamine. If a clinic near you has ketamine treatments, give them a call to discuss the treatment and their price point. 

For more info about ketamine treatments, contact a local company.