3 Questions About Prescription Contacts Answered

If your eyesight is not perfect, you may need to rely on corrective lenses to assist you in seeing better. It's estimated that 34 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. This corrective vision wear makes it easier to see and doesn't attract attention to your face like eyeglasses do. In fact, other people won't have any idea you're wearing contacts unless you provide this information. It's ideal to have specific questions answered about prescription contact lenses if you need to rely on these daily.

Question #1: Can you purchase corrective vision contacts without a prescription?

You may want to avoid an extensive eye exam and to visit an optometrist, but this is simply not possible if you want to wear contacts. It's the law in the United States that a valid prescription is written by a licensed eye doctor for your contact lenses.

This law includes any type of contacts that you want to wear, such as colored lenses for cosmetic purposes only. You will need to be fitted with the proper contacts, and this can only be done by a licensed eye professional.

Question #2: What are the benefits of getting prescription contacts?

Besides there being a legal requirement in place for obtaining prescription contacts, there are additional benefits for your eyes, and these are listed below:

1. Comfort – Contacts are a medical device that must fit precisely to the shape of your eye in order to avoid vision problems that include inflammation and swelling with an improper fit.

2. Damage – Wearing contacts that aren't specifically made for your eyes could contribute to irreversible damage to your eyes.

Question #3:  When will your prescription expire?

Your contact prescription is valid for one year after seeing your eye doctor. When this year is over, you will need to return to the optometrist of your choice and get another exam and fitting to continue to wear contacts.

This is legally required because your vision could change within 12 months, and you may require a different prescription type.

Being able to have the highest quality of life will require you to invest in prescription contacts, if these are your preferred choice for seeing your best. Take the time to make an appointment with your local optometrist for a thorough examination that can provide you with the perfect prescription contacts for your daily life. Get in touch with a business like Wear Eyewear for more help.