First-Time Contact Lens Wearer? Dos & Don'ts To Be Aware Of

Wearing contact lenses instead of prescription glasses is a major convenience, but that does not mean contact lenses do not come with a few precautions. The following beginner tips should help you handle your contacts correctly. 

Some Dos

Consider the following tips for your safety and the longevity of your contacts:


Finding out which side of your contact lenses is the right side is simple enough. Lay the lens over the tip of your finger, and see if the curve looks like a "U" or more like a "V." You should put the contact lens into your eye when the lens is curved like a "U." 


You might want to shake your lenses before opening them. But, this is something you can do only if the directions on your contact case do not advise against this (as some were made to keep your lenses from sticking). Lightly shaking should loosen the lenses inside and help avoid sticking to the bottom of the case. Constantly pulling your lenses off the side of the case may partly or fully rip your lenses, as they are sensitive.

Keep It Clean

You should also make sure you clean and sterilize your contact storage case as much as possible. This is important because fungal infections can occur if you do not make sure your case is clean. The risk of eye infection for contact wearers is due to the lack of oxygen eye contacts cause in your eyes. 

You can ask your contact lens specialist about any other important things to remember when wearing contact lenses.

And Some Don'ts

The following are just some things you should avoid:


You might want to avoid swimming excessively, as there are several types of bacteria floating around the water that could contaminate your eye contacts. But if you decide to swim, consider wearing protective goggles while swimming to prevent your contact lenses from contamination.


Remember to change your contact lenses as recommended by your eye specialist. The time frame depends on your particular contacts, so check with your eye specialist. 


Try to avoid using makeup when using contact lenses. Makeup can accidentally enter your eyes and may get stuck to your lenses. The substances in makeup could be difficult to remove from your lenses. Put your contacts on before you apply makeup if you must use it, and try to purchase natural makeup or eye-friendly makeup. These can be purchased online or in your local health food store. 

Wearing contacts does come with a few simple rules. Yet, the comfort and visibility range that eye contacts offer is worth it. You can ask a professional eye care center, like The Eye Center, about other safety tips that you should know about.