Getting Pregnant Soon After A C-Section: The Dangers & How An Amniocentesis Is Performed

It is dangerous to get pregnant again after just having a child that was delivered by way of C-section. To prevent the possibility of your uterus rupturing during the second delivery, your doctor may have to perform an amniocentesis with the help of an ultrasound for an early delivery. In this article, you will find out the dangers of getting pregnant again shortly after having a C-section and how an amniocentesis is performed.

Why is Getting Pregnant Soon After Having a C-section Dangerous?

When you get pregnant soon after having a C-section, you are considered a high risk patient that must be monitored closely to prevent getting harmed. The reason is due to the possibility of your uterus rupturing as the baby begins to grow, which can cause internal bleeding. When the incision from the previous C-section has not had enough time to heal, it can cause the uterus to rupture.

A ruptured uterus is especially harmful to the unborn child. He or she will not be able to get the amount of oxygen required to survive in your uterus. It is important for contractions to be prevented to avoid a ruptured uterus, so your doctor may perform an amniocentesis and deliver the baby before you go into labor.

How is an Amniocentesis Performed Before an Early Delivery?

You can expect the amniocentesis to be performed at the doctor's clinic on your scheduled date. You will have to be hooked up to an ultrasound machine before the procedure is performed. The ultrasound machine will give your doctor a look at your uterus to make sure he or she is performing the procedure correctly.

A thin needle will be placed inside of your abdomen to reach the amniotic sac and withdraw some of the fluid. The doctor will examine the amniotic fluid to determine if it is the right color, which will indicate if the baby's lungs are mature enough for an early delivery. After the amniocentesis has been performed, you will be given another ultrasound to make sure no harm to your uterus was done during the procedure.

Having a C-section is a major surgical procedure that requires a sufficient amount of healing time after delivery a child. If you got pregnant shortly after a C-section, you must see a doctor in case an early delivery is necessary to keep your safe. An amniocentesis and ultrasound can save the baby's life by helping to avoid a ruptured uterus! Contact Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC for more information.