Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Boost Your Love Life During Menopause

Menopause has zapped your energy--including your sex drive. Your partner is disappointed with your lack of libido, and you're not real happy about this yourself. But your fatigue, hot flashes, and night sweats don't make you feel very sexy, and vaginal dryness has been a bothersome issue. Don't just accept this situation. Biodentical hormone replacement therapy is a safe method for rejuvenation and regaining an overall sense of well-being.

Learn About Biodentical Hormones

Conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses synthetic hormones made from the urine of pregnant horses. In contrast, bioidentical hormones are natural rather than synthetic and are made from plant sources. These natural hormones are designed to better replicate human hormones as compared with the synthetic versions.

They also are not associated with the increased health risks of HRT, which include a higher chance of developing breast cancer or heart disease.

Reduce Menopause Symptoms

During perimenopause and menopause, your natural hormone levels decrease. This change can lead to all the problems you're experiencing that detract from your love life. It's difficult to feel sexy when you're tired, when you don't know if an unpleasant episode of excessive heat and sweating will suddenly occur--and when sex actually becomes uncomfortable due to vaginal dryness. 

If you've avoided HRT because of the health risks or the animal cruelty issues, consider bioidentical hormone therapy instead. The therapy may provide you with substantial relief of your symptoms and bring back the spark to your love life. 

Experience Anti-Aging Effects

Many women are praising bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for its general anti-aging effects as well. Some have noticed that:

  • it's now easier to lose excess weight and belly fat
  • their skin looks younger and healthier
  • their concentration and memory are improving
  • physical stamina has improved
  • they sleep better 

The rejuvenation effects are good for your libido. Your partner may be pleasantly surprised at your renewed interest in lovemaking and your initiation of intimate moments. 

Prevent Osteoporosis

One main reason doctors have historically recommended HRT is for its preventive effects against bone thinning, medically known as osteoporosis. This is a common problem for women after menopause and can lead to fractures. You may experience important bone health benefits from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

What Can You Do Now?

Contact your doctor, like at Genemedics Health Institute, for a discussion about biodentical hormones. With a prescription, you can obtain the products from a compounding pharmacy. Soon you may be feeling very attractive again and looking forward to romantic evenings and weekends.