3 Things To Know Before You Rent A Home Hyperbaric Chamber

Using a hyperbaric chamber at home can have various healing benefits. While you can buy these chambers, you can also rent them. Read on to learn some useful facts before you start the rental process.

1. You Have a Choice of Various Home Hyperbaric Chambers 

While all hyperbaric chambers do the same job, you'll have to choose the most suitable machine for your health and home before you rent a unit. Chambers come in different materials, configurations, and sizes.

For example, some rental companies give you a choice between renting a soft or hard chamber. Soft chambers have covers made from soft and flexible materials while hard chambers have a rigid shell. While soft machines are usually more portable and take up less space when you aren't using them, hard-chambered products are sometimes more powerful.

The size of the chamber you rent also affects the level of treatment you get. Smaller chambers might not deliver the same levels of oxygen as larger ones. Plus, you also have to decide whether you want to lie in a horizontal chamber or sit in a vertical one.

2. You Need a Prescription to Hire a Hyperbaric Chamber

You can't usually rent a hyperbaric chamber without a prescription from a doctor or qualified health care professional. If your doctor agrees that home treatment will be beneficial, then they should agree to this.

If you have any problems getting the prescription you need, then ask your hyperbaric chamber rental service if they can help. Some companies have a network of doctors who will write prescriptions for patients.

These doctors can have a more in-depth understanding of home hyperbaric treatments than regular doctors. They'll still check that the treatment is a viable and safe solution for your needs.

3. You Can Use a Rental to Try Out Home Treatments

While some people rent hyperbaric chambers because they have short-term treatment needs; others buy home chambers because they have long-term needs. However, buying a home hyperbolic chamber is a big investment if you aren't sure if this treatment will work for you.

A rental is a good way to try out a chamber to see how it works. You can also try different types and sizes of machines to find the one that suits you best. You can then make an informed buying decision.

Plus, some rental companies offer rent-to-buy deals. If you rent a chamber and then decide to buy one, they will often take some or all of your deposit and rental costs off of the purchase price. This is a useful option that can save you money.

For more advice, contact a local hyperbaric chamber rental service.