Holistic Approaches For Seasonal Allergy Management

Living with seasonal allergies is not fun. You probably get tired of feeling itchy and sneezing every time you walk outside and become exposed to pollen. Many people use prescription and over-the-counter allergy medications to manage their symptoms. This approach does help, but what if you want a more holistic way to manage your allergies? The following are some holistic allergy remedies to try.

Get More Sleep

This one really could not be easier or more enjoyable! Allergies are basically a problem with your immune system; it becomes over-reactive towards substances it should not react to — like pollen. Sleep is excellent for the immune system, and many people do not get enough sleep. If you are able to get more sleep and better sleep, the function of your immune system should improve and you should notice fewer allergy symptoms. Try going to bed an hour earlier. Also, make sure you are following good sleep hygiene practices including the following:

  • Go to bed at the same time each night
  • Keep your room slightly cool
  • Avoid electronics before bedtime

Take Honey

Look for some local honey. It must be local, and it must be raw for this purpose. The local honey will contain pollen, which may sound counter-intuitive at first. However, exposing your body to small amounts of local pollen via the honey can help your immune system get used to the pollen so it stops reacting allergically. You can simply enjoy a spoonful of honey each morning, or you can do something with the honey like stir it into tea or spread it on toast.


Reiki is an energy healing practice. It is widely considered to be holistic because it focuses on healing the whole body and addressing underlying issues rather than just managing symptoms. Find a reiki healer near you, and schedule a session. They will use their own energy field to manipulate yours. By changing the way energy flows through your body, they can reduce the strain on your immune system. With this strain removed, your immune system may be less reactive to allergens. You may need a few reiki healing sessions to notice a marked improvement, so be patient.

If taking medications to ease your allergy symptoms is not cutting it anymore, it's time to take the next step. Look into the holistic approaches above, and treat your body as a whole. Chances are, your allergies will lessen soon.

Contact a doctor to learn more about using holistic medicine to manage your allergies.