Who Can Most Benefit From Custom Arch Supports?

The arch of your foot contains various connective tissues and muscles that are supposed to absorb shock as you walk. Sometimes, however, your arch might need a little extra support in order to do its job. This is where the custom arch supports come in handy. Unlike over-the-counter arch supports which are one-size-fits-all, custom arch supports are made to fit your feet, specifically. So, who can benefit the most from these arch supports? Take a look.

People Who Overpronate

To pronate means to turn inward. If someone pronates while they walk, that means their foot or ankle collapses inward. Over time, this motion can cause excessive strain on various joints and connective tissues in the leg. It can lead to knee pain, hip injuries, and more. Arch supports can help reduce or eliminate the pronation, causing the person to walk taller and more squarely on their feet. This can reduce leg and foot pain and is better for the anatomy long-term.

People With Arch Pain

Do you have arch pain when you wake up in the morning or after you've done a lot of physical activity? This might be because your arches are not as strong as they could be. Long-term, doing some exercises to strengthen your arches should help. But in the shorter term, wearing arch supports is a good idea. The supports will keep your arch from having to work as hard as you walk and stand, which should minimize your arch fatigue and pain.

People With High Arches

Most shoes are made with some material towards the center to support the arch. However, if you have really high arches, this built-in arch support may not be enough. You may still notice that there is a gap between your foot and the bottom of the shoe. Therefore, you should use some custom arch supports to better fill that space and make sure your arch is actually supported. Some people in this situation have several pairs of custom arch supports made. They have ones for their shoes that have less arch support, and others for shoes that have more arch support. Correcting the lack of support early can prevent foot and leg injuries.

The arches of your feet work hard. Make sure you are giving them the support they need. Visit a podiatrist or an orthopedist near you, and talk to them about ordering or designing custom arch supports for you.

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