Tips for Having a Water Birth

If you are pregnant and are considering a water birth, you may be wondering about the benefits of doing it. You may also be wondering whether or not it is safe and what you should expect. While it is not the conventional way of giving birth many women do swear by it. They say that it is a beneficial experience that made the birthing process easier.

You'll Feel Relaxed

One of the main reasons why many women choose a water birth is because it is said to be more relaxing. When you are submerged in a tub of warm water, the buoyancy of the water will help you to move around and change positions quite easily. Being in the water makes your contractions feel a lot shorter and less intense than they would otherwise. If you choose to have a water birth you will not be able to receive other types of pain relief. The water will serve as a pain reliever.

Hire a Midwife

Some doctors will allow you to go through labor in the tub. However, they are likely to refuse to allow you to give birth in the water. If you wish to stay in the water while you are giving birth, you will need to hire a midwife to care for you. Midwives are a little more difficult to pin down so it is better for you to ensure that you have one way ahead of your due date. A midwife is normally able to perform the birth at your home, in some hospitals, and at birthing centers. 

Is It Right for You?

Just because you want a water birth does not mean that it is the right choice for you. Water births are only appropriate in situations where the pregnancy is low risk. This is because if complications occur such as vaginal bleeding, or if the baby is preterm or breach you will not be able to deliver the baby in the water. Also if you are delivering twins or triplets a water birth is usually not the best option. If you do decide to have a water birth when delivering multiples you will need to have a doctor present.

A water birth is one of the more natural ways in which you can bring your child into the world. This is why many mothers choose it. However, there are some things you need to bear in mind before you have a water birth. Pay careful attention to the points discussed here to decide if it is right for you.