Male Hormone Therapy May Help You Look And Feel Younger

It is fairly common to hear about women going through hormonal changes, but did you realize that men often incur hormone imbalances, which can affect the quality of a male's life? If you have been tired lately or if your firm physique has slowly dissipated, you may be concerned or convinced that stress or aging are the reasons for your current state. Speak to your doctor about being tested, to determine if you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

Lab Tests Will Eliminate Other Causes

There is no way to determine if your testosterone count is lower than normal unless you have testing performed. Conducting a test is a viable way to eliminate any other medical issues, which could be resulting in your lack of energy and body mass loss.

Because there are other medical conditions, including an overactive or an underactive thyroid, which could be contributing to the types of issues that you are experiencing, your doctor will administer a blood test first, before speaking to you about hormonal replacement therapy options. Your blood work may take a few days to be complete. A followup appointment will be issued, when it is time for your medical practitioner to consult with you about the test readings.

Hormone Replacement Will Use Natural Derivatives

A bioidentical treatment involves using naturally occurring materials to compound hormones that are naturally found in one's body. This type of treatment can aid with an energy loss, hair loss, depression, irritability, and a wide range of other symptoms that middle-aged men commonly experience.

Your doctor will need to compile some information about your lifestyle, including how long you have been feeling sluggish or gaining weight, what type of diet or exercise program you currently follow, and any other factors that could be contributing to your current state. Hormone treatment may aid with the majority of your problems, but the results will not be instantaneous and you may need to adjust other areas in your life, to support a healthier way of living.

For instance, if you haven't been exercising a lot and your diet has been neglected for some time, your doctor may prescribe compounded hormones, but may also direct you to make some changes in your life that will help you feel and look younger. Hormone therapy won't change your life in entirety, but it can definitely make getting older seem much more bearable.