Common Coolsculpting Misconceptions

Achieving your ideal body shape can be an ongoing struggle for many individuals. While there are options to help people with meeting this objective, it is common for people to simply overlook potentially effective solutions. Coolsculpting can be particularly useful, but there are many misconceptions that surround this procedure.

Myth: Coolsculpting Can Replace Dietary Changes Or Surgical Options

A particularly prevalent notion concerning coolsculpting is that it is a permanent alternative to dietary changes, exercise, and surgical procedures. However, coolsculpting is not supposed to be a substitute for those more long-term options. In particular, it will not provide permanent results. Rather, the effects of the coolsculpting can fade after several months. Furthermore, there are limits to the amount of change that coolsculpting can provide to individuals that are extremely overweight. So, this procedure is an excellent supplement to your other body-shaping strategies.

Myth: There Is Intense Discomfort During The Coolsculpting Procedure

Fears about experiencing intense pain or discomfort during this procedure can lead some individuals to fail to consider it as a viable option. Yet, individuals that are undergoing coolsculpting will not experience major discomfort. During this procedure, cool bands are placed on the areas of the body that are being treated. These bands will not be especially tight, and while they will be cool, they should not be cold enough to cause pain.

Myth: Coolsculpting Only Requires A Single Session

In order for a person to achieve the best results from coolsculpting, they will need to undergo at least several treatments. These sessions will be spread out over several weeks, and they may increase in intensity. Once the desired results have been achieved, maintenance sessions will be needed to keep the results. Maintenance sessions will be shorter than full sessions, and they will be needed less frequently. Some patients may find that they only need this treatment once a month to maintain their appearance. If multiple maintenance sessions are missed, it may be necessary for the procedure to be restarted, and this makes attending all of these sessions critical.

Coolsculpting misinformation can cause individuals to ineffectively weigh this valuable option for achieving their desired body shape and look. While there are many notions concerning coolsculpting, the ideas that it can be a full replacement for diet and surgery, that it causes extreme discomfort, and that there are multiple sessions needed can all lead individuals to come to an inaccurate conclusion regarding the role this treatment can play in their weight loss approach.