3 Home Renovation Tips To Help You Age In Place

Getting older means planning for the future, and that means deciding where you want to live as you age. If you're like many of today's seniors, you're probably at least considering the option of aging in place – that is, living in your own home as long as possible, and avoiding something like a senior housing community or an assisted living facility. But as you age, your mobility and dexterity can change, and that can make getting along in your own home more difficult. With a few home renovations, you can ensure that your home is safe and manageable for you as you age.


The bathroom can be a tricky room to navigate even if you don't have mobility issues. There is limited room to maneuver and the floors are prone to being wet and slippery. However, you can make the room safer with a few adjustments.

A comfort height toilet is a good place to start. These toilets are a few inches higher than a traditional toilet, so it's not such a long drop when you need to sit down. Another good addition to your bathroom is a walk-in tub. This eliminates the issue of having to lift your leg up high to step into a slippery bathtub – instead, you just open a door and walk in. You do have to sit and wait for the tub to drain before you open the door to get out, so choose a model that offers fast drainage so you don't have to sit there and shiver. If you prefer a shower, adding a shower bench allows you to sit down safely so that you can wash your hair without worrying about slipping on the soapy shower floor.


The kitchen is another room that can be particularly tricky, because of all the work you have to do in there. Consider remodeling by replacing your kitchen cabinets with drawers. Instead of having to bend down or reach all the way into the back to find what you need or put things away, you can just pull the drawer out and have everything right in front of you. Wide, deep drawers can provide comparable storage space to cabinets. You can also have pullout shelves added to your pantry, which will give you some of the same benefits.

If you're adding new appliances, look for models with large, easy-to-read knobs and buttons, so you'll have an easier time operating your oven, microwave, or dishwasher. You may also want to place the oven closer to the sink, so that you don't have to go as far when filling up a pot of water to boil or bringing a pot of food to the sink to drain.


The issue of home lighting is easy to overlook when you're planning a home renovation, but the fact is, as you age, your eyesight will probably get worse. The better the lighting in your home, the more easily you'll be able to see what you're doing, and the less likely you are to trip, slip, or fall because of some unseen hazard.

Natural lighting is great when it's possible. Consider adding a skylight to the living room or installing new windows if you can. Task lighting, or individual lights to help illuminate some specific feature of the room, can help in rooms like the kitchen. For example, if you install LED strip lights over your oven, sink, and the counter space where you prepare food, you'll be better able to measure, chop vegetables, clean dishes, and do other prep work as thoroughly as before.

With the right renovations, your home can continue to be a safe and productive place for you to live, even when you're not as nimble as you are right now. Planning ahead now can help ensure that your home is ready to meet your future needs. For more great ways to simplify your home, check out sites like http://www.twincitystairlifts.com.