MRI Preoperative Procedure A Possible Link To Rising Mastectomy Choice? Proponents And Supporters Argue Its Worth

Magnetic resonance imaging technology is said to detect both cancerous and noncancerous breast cancer lesions. When cancerous lesions are found, lumpectomy surgery is generally used to remove cancerous cells. MRI preoperative imaging appears to be a rising procedure that is being frequently used and followed up with mastectomy operations for some patients whose test results show early stage cancer activity.

Foci Of Cancer Discovery

Proponents of mastectomy procedures following MRI preoperative screening say that MRI detects foci of cancer and suggest that foci discovery could mean there is a possibility that there could be further cancer cells in your case. Other medical professionals argue that the discovery of foci of cancer should not be used routinely to decide that a mastectomy procedure must take place instead of a lumpectomy.

The latter experts also note that detection of foci of cancer in MRI is insignificant from a clinical point of view. They maintain that the medical establishment is well aware that unrecognized multifocal breast cancer is a possibility. That is the reason, they say, why patients are treated with radiation therapy following lumpectomy surgery. Ask your surgeon to explain the importance of foci discovery in your case following your MRI procedure.   

Should You Have A Mastectomy Based on MRI Screening Test Results?

There are no definitive answers as to whether the higher rates of mastectomy procedures in patients who undergo MRI are related to observation of additional cancerous cells. Dr. Monica Morrow, who co-authored a Journal of the American College Surgeons article in June, is reportedly a strong advocate against using routine preoperative MRI strategy to secure mastectomy procedures. She contends that until there is a randomized study showing that MRI reduces local cancer recurrence rates, surgeon practitioners should contain their desire for using routine preoperative MRI to substantiate mastectomy procedures that she contends are unnecessary.

Making Your Final Decision

If you do undergo an MRI preoperative screening test (with professionals such as Omega Diagnostic Imaging PC), discuss the results with your loved ones, and then make an educated decision about what's the right course for you to take based on your surgeon's medical briefing. Should you straight out go for a lumpectomy or a mastectomy procedure? Base your decision on facts. Where there are no medical facts to support  mastectomy as your best choice, make the right decision for yourself. Think through what is best for you whether or not cancer of foci is found on your MRI results.