4 Advantages Of In-Home Senior Care For Patients With Dementia

If you have a family member suffering from dementia, you may be struggling with the decision of whether to get in-home care for them or to move them to a dedicated care facility. Many individuals with dementia require round-the-clock care, which can make in-home care seem prohibitively difficult. But there are many advantages to in-home care that may make it the more optimal choice.

1. You Have Direct Control Over Their Care

It can be frightening to send your family member to a facility -- both for yourself and them. With home care, you will always know how your family member is doing; you'll be able to track their progress, such as their weight and their general state of mind. While there are many facilities that are extremely conscientious of the needs of their elder members, it's natural to feel uncertain.

2. They Are in a Familiar Area

Though patients with dementia can be forgetful, they usually recognize familiar surroundings on some level. In fact, they may be more associated with their surroundings than anything that may have happened throughout the day -- especially if they have been in the home for a while. Being in a familiar area will give your family member peace of mind that a facility might not. 

3. It's Often Less Expensive

In-home care is actually less expensive than a facility for a variety of reasons. Often, a sizable deposit is required to send a senior to a care home -- sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on your area. In-home care can be paid for as it is provided, which is a less significant outlay of cash.

4. You Can Take Over Some Care Duties

If you want to remain close to your family member, you can still take on some of the in-home care duties. For instance, you could easily take care of your family member while you are at home and simply have an in-home care person while you are away. This also helps in saving money if your budget is tight. It can be very important for someone with dementia to retain this type of connection with their family, even if they don't seem to remember some things.

It's always difficult to take care of a family member with dementia. You may want to consult with social care services in your area to find out more about what is available and what support you can get, both financially and emotionally. Contact a company like ComForcare Home Care - Aurora, CO for more information.