How To Get More Out Of An MCAT Prep Course

If you are serious about getting a good score on the MCAT (and who isn't?), then enrolling in an MCAT exam prep course is absolutely advised. It is so much easier to learn with an instructor guiding you and holding you responsible. However, even in the best MCAT prep course, you won't learn by osmosis — you have to put in the work! Here are some ways to get more out of an MCAT prep course.

Spinal Pain Treatment Options

One of the most frustrating medical conditions that the average person has to deal with is spinal pain. This common health issue, which typically manifests as pain or discomfort in the lower back, is not always easy to treat. Treatments that work for one patient may not be effective for another, and vice-versa. This article examines several treatments that spinal pain sufferers can use to try and get relief. Non-Invasive

Benefits Of Geriatric Occupational Therapy After A Stroke

If your senior loved one has suffered a stroke, the neurologist may have recommended that he or she enroll in a geriatric short term occupational therapy program. A stroke, or cerebral vascular accident, can cause complete or partial paralysis, speech problems, neurological deficits, vision problems, and mobility problems. Fortunately, occupational therapy can help improve, or in some cases, completely restore, strength in the upper part of the body. Here are some ways geriatric short term occupational therapy services can help your loved one overcome the effects of a stroke:

How To Help Defeat Fatigue, Stress, And Jet Lag When You Travel A Lot For Business

When you travel a lot for business, you encounter a lot of health issues associated with flying and job stress. People in this position often do things that are not healthy or they do not make things physically and emotionally better for themselves. That tends to worsen how you feel every time you board a plane and travel to another city, another state, and/or country. How do you manage fatigue, stress, and jet lag in ways that help you feel better, not worse?

Gesundheit! What To Do If You're Suddenly Allergic To The Pets You've Loved For Years

If you've been around dogs, cats, horses, goats and other animals your entire life, but suddenly find yourself allergic to some of them, your entire world can be thrown into disarray. You have pets you love and would never dream of parting with, yet there's no way you can tolerate all the sneezing, watering eyes and running nose that comes with a typical allergy. Don't panic and don't even think of putting your pets in quarantine, because there are a number of solutions which may help you effectively adapt to your new situation.