How To Help Defeat Fatigue, Stress, And Jet Lag When You Travel A Lot For Business

When you travel a lot for business, you encounter a lot of health issues associated with flying and job stress. People in this position often do things that are not healthy or they do not make things physically and emotionally better for themselves. That tends to worsen how you feel every time you board a plane and travel to another city, another state, and/or country. How do you manage fatigue, stress, and jet lag in ways that help you feel better, not worse? Rest is good, but when you cannot rest because you are jumping from one plane to the next, you can do the following things instead.

Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine

‚ÄčThese are the go-to chemicals of jet-setters and business execs. Avoid them until you have had time to settle down in one place for more than one day. Drinking tea or coffee when your body has not had adequate rest will make you jittery, cranky, exhausted, and not very clear-headed. Nicotine may help you stay awake, but only because you are constantly smoking, which leads to cancer and death.

Travel Massagers

Hand-held massagers, such as the Pure Wave body and face massager, from Pure Wave Now, fit easily into a travel duffel and are allowed on board most planes without having to be placed in checked luggage. That is good news for you, because a massager reduces body fatigue and increases blood flow to the brain. Getting greater blood flow to your brain helps refresh you when you cannot take a few hours to sleep and you need to keep going. Additionally, it is the ideal solution for jet lag because a massager invigorates every muscle and encourages the body to cleanse itself of lactic acid build-up, which can occur from hours of sitting on planes and hurrying through airports. You feel refreshed after using a massager for a few minutes on each part of your body and your face.

Drink Plenty of Water

Believe it or not, you can become quite dehydrated when you fly. This contributes to your sense of jet lag and exhaustion, and it prevents the body and the brain from removing toxins in the blood. Drink plenty of water when you have to travel for work (or even when you are traveling great distances for pleasure). The water will remove these toxins and water is known for naturally enhancing brain functions when you are really tired and need to stay on your toes.