After The Baby: Cosmetic Procedures That Can Benefit Moms

Your body changes so much during pregnancy and even during years of breastfeeding and recovering from new parenthood. Many moms can feel conscious about body changes, even after they have put in an effort to work out, stay active, and eat well. There are some cosmetic procedures and surgeries that can help you to feel more confident, especially if you have had trouble adjusting to your new shape. Some of these procedures are not very invasive and can make a big difference, Here are some procedures moms might want to consider once they have finished having children.


After applying a topical cream, the technician will use your own plasma from a blood draw and inject it into problem areas with microneedling. This procedure helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, skin discoloration, and wrinkling that can come as a result of skin stretching during pregnancy. The results are not permanent. You'd need a follow-up procedure once or twice a year. 

Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting is a technique similar to liposuction, but it requires no surgery. Fat cells can be frozen, and they are permanently destroyed, leaving you with fewer inches. Since motherhood can cause settling and fat deposits in areas you didn't have before, this is an easy way to target reduce trouble spots. Just because you remove fat, however, does not mean you lose skin. Some people might want to couple this treatment with skin tightening in order to see optimal changes. 

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

You can get skin tightening without surgery. With collagen stimulating treatments, your skin gains elasticity and starts to pull together more effectively. It takes several treatments to see effects, and you should be done having children before getting this type of treatment, or you'll undo the tightening with the stretching of another pregnancy, 

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is the most effective way to help reduce loose skin on the abdomen. This is a surgical procedure which consists of removing excess skin and helping to tighten the abdominal muscles which may have stayed partially divided due to pregnancy. These results are permanent. 

Breast Lift

Your breasts grow during pregnancy, and they grow more during breastfeeding. After pregnancy and feeding, women may experience looser breasts that sit lower on the chest. Some people consider getting implants, but you can also regain some of your breast shape by simply getting a breast lift. This procedure removes some of the excess skin and pulls the breast back up slightly to produce a rounder, fuller look more similar to how your breasts were pre-pregnancy.

For more information, contact your local plastic surgery center.