Tips For Dealing With Cataract Symptoms

If you are suffering from cataracts, you might find that the symptoms are making it difficult for you to go about your everyday activities and get the work done that you need to get done. This can be tremendously frustrating for many people because it makes their lives harder. Here are some of the cataract symptoms that you might be experiencing and some tips on how to deal with them.

1. Poor Night Vision

If you are experiencing poor night vision that is bad enough to make it difficult for you to get around your house at night should you need to get out of bed and use the bathroom, you have a few options. You can install small lights that are either battery or solar powered around the house that will automatically detect when there are no lights on and light up. You can also use a flashlight or your phone to navigate from room to room. This will allow you to get around despite your lack of night vision. Make sure that you install a flashlight app onto your phone and keep it charged so that if you find yourself outside the house at night and unable to navigate, you have an option to help with your poor night vision.

2. Sensitivity to Light and Glare

You might also find that your eyes are not adjusting as quickly to sudden flashes of light or bright lights are causing you pain. You can deal with these issues by wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside, by dimming the backlight on your computer, phone, and tablet screens, and by letting people know that bright lights bother you. This will keep people from flashing light at you as a joke. Also, be sure to avoid stores and concerts that might have a lot of flashing lights that could cause you pain. Looking for epilepsy warnings is a good way to avoid things with flashing lights.

3. Double Vision in One Eye

If you have double vision in one eye, it might be hard for you to work at a computer to do your job. You can temporarily deal with this symptom by wearing an eye patch over the afflicted eye so that you can get your work done. This will allow you to more easily manage your double vision.

The only permanent cure for cataracts is surgery, so make sure that you talk to your doctor about getting scheduled for it as soon as possible. For more information, contact local professionals like Eye Care & Surgery.