Lean And Clean: How To Make Your Juice Cleanse Healthy

Juice cleanses are one of the latest fads when it comes to health and nutrition, and it's easy to see why; the simplistic, holistic approach that juice cleanses take is attractive in its ease of both preparation and actual consummation. But, like in any diet program, juice cleanses can actually hurt your body if they're not done with a strict amount of attention to what your body actually needs to thrive—so what are you to do? If you're looking for tips on how to make your juice cleanse healthy, then here's what you need to know.

Keep It Short

There's a reason the phrase is "short and sweet"—it's because a lot of the things in life that are good for you shouldn't be attempted continuously over a long period of time. Juice cleanses are one of these things; while you hear about people doing month long (or even 21 day long) cleanses, to ensure that you'll stay healthy while still cleansing, you should keep your juice cleanse to three days, a period of time long enough to cleanse but not long enough to damage your body. During these days, you won't lose a lot of weight—but your cleanse shouldn't be about specific poundage anyway; your goal with a cleanse should be to, well, cleanse your body and give your GI tract a sort of reboot.

Hydrate Yourself

You may think that, because you'll be drinking juice, you'll be getting plenty of water during your cleanse—but the last thing you want to do is dehydrate your body, since you'll already be working with less energy than you normally have. Beginning your day with a full glass of water (with a lemon in it, both for flavor and for the many health benefits of lemon, including its indigestion fighting powers and its ability to help with weight loss) will start you out on the right foot, as will consuming a glass each time you go outside, take a bath and/or shower, or exercise (more on that below).

Don't Sweat It

An hour or so of activity every day is important in keeping you healthy and active—but on a juice cleanse you'll want to skip the aerobics and weightlifting and keep it simple. You already are going to have less expendable energy during your cleanse, meaning that your body will be able to take much less before it starts to get tired and sore. Focus on activities such as yoga or on mild walks, and ensure that you drink water before, during, and after any exercise to keep you hydrated and stave off any headaches that could occur.

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