Three Exercises That Will Complement Your Medical Weight Loss

If you've struggled to get results on your own, visiting a weight loss clinic and working alongside a medical professional is an effective way to transform your physical health. Medical weight loss programs typically focus on diet, but it's also helpful to take up some form of exercise to complement the dietary changes you're making. Combining exercise with your healthy dietary choices can often help you get results quicker. If you're new to the world of exercise, you shouldn't feel intimidated about the importance of finding an activity that suits your athletic level and overall lifestyle. Here are three things to consider.

Water Aerobics

While swimming is an effective exercise for weight loss, it's also difficult for people who aren't yet in shape. If you aspire to include swimming in your regular fitness regimen but aren't quite ready to take the plunge, water aerobics can be ideal. Many local pools offer such classes, which encourage a variety of movements in the shallow end of the pool. Many courses also include the use of foam weights to help you build muscle and burn fat. One of the key advantages of water aerobics is that the water ads buoyancy around you to reduce the impact to your joints. If you find that exercising on land leads to knee pain, for example, water aerobics might be the choice for you.


Some people discount walking because of its simplicity, but this easy-to-learn exercise can greatly complement your medical weight loss program and help you achieve your goals. Walking doesn't generate the same degree of joint impact as higher-tempo activities and is often possible for people of all fitness levels to perform. Walking is also ideal because you can include short bursts of it throughout your day or change the manner in which you perform it to heighten the caloric burn. For example, walking uphill or adding wrist weights can boost the efficacy of the workout if you're short on time.


Visiting a gym to attend an aerobics class is advantageous for weight loss because of the high caloric burn, but this exercise is especially ideal for people who get bored working out alone. Aerobics classes are high-energy gatherings with music and an enthusiastic instructor who can guide you through a variety of movements. Such classes are often offered for people of all fitness levels and provide a fun group dynamic in which to exercise to complement your medical weight loss program.