Tackling Common Questions Concerning Home Health Care After Labor And Delivery

In special circumstances a new mother may be prescribed several visits from a home health care agent from an agency like Catawba County Home Health Agency when they are released from the hospital. As a new mom, this can sometimes feel like the hospital is not trusting you to be able to care for yourself and the baby. However, home health care after you have a baby has nothing to do with your new parenting ability, but is only to ensure that you get the best care well beyond your stay at the hospital. Here are a few of the most common questions new moms have about home health after having a baby.

Why would a doctor recommend that home health care be a part of your recovery after delivery?

Even though home health care after a baby is not the norm for most deliveries, some doctors recommend this care to all of their patients. However, generally speaking, home health will be a part of your recovery for a few other reasons:

  • If you had a difficult labor and delivery
  • If you do not have a support system or significant other at home
  • If you had a cesarean delivery
  • If you need assistance with breastfeeding or infant care
  • If you suffer with other diseases and conditions that were affected by the birth

What should you expect during the visits?

The home health care professional will likely come to your home a few days a week. During these visits, you will receive a customized form of care that pertains to your specified health needs. For example, if you have had a cesarean, you may receive physical therapy to help you build strength in your abdominal core or wound care to make sure you are healing properly. Some new mothers are given helpful information over the course of their visits to help with new tasks, such as developing a healthy sleep pattern or feeding their baby.

How long will the home health visits last?

If you are given home health attention after your new baby is born, the visits will typically be kept short and to the point. When you have a new baby at home it can be difficult to fit anything new into your schedule as a busy mom. Therefore, the professional will likely only stop in briefly and move on to other patients unless you need special care.

In the end, you will be thankful that you were assigned a home health care professional once you head home with your newborn. This level of care can make it much easier on you to transition into your life as a new mother.