2 Reasons To Consider An EHR System

An EHR (electronic health record) system is a great resource that can provide many benefits to both healthcare providers and their patients. An EHR creates a system that allows you to keep all of your patient's records digitally. Two reasons to consider an EHR system is to coordinate with your patients and to have more secure records.

Coordinate With Patients

One of the biggest benefits to having a behavioral health EHR is that it allows your patients to have detailed records and notes about their own medical treatments. This allows the patient to be able to provide more detailed information to any new physicians they may need to see. 

Another benefit to having an EHR is that it gives your patients the option to interact with you in a more convenient and timely manner. For example, an EHR will give your patients the ability to make appointments with your clinic online, while also providing updates as to how their treatment plans are going. 

This system will also allow you to provide your patients with new instructions quite easily. For example, if you read an update from one of your patients that may be a sign of a new symptom showing up, you can ask additional questions or request that the patient comes in for a checkup or follow-up appointment. The software will also allow you to provide your patients with detailed instructions when it comes to self-care treatments, while also giving you a convenient way to remind a patient about an upcoming appointment.

Secure Records

One of the problems with traditional records is that they are not very secure. Sure, your clinic or practice can protect your patient's records from theft, but there is not a whole lot that you can do to protect physical records from physical damage. 

For example, if your facility should happen to experience a floor or fire, your physical records can easily be destroyed or damaged. In addition, if you do have your records stored on a local computer or network, server or computer failure could cause all of those records to be lost. However, many EHR systems offer cloud-based online backup options that will give you access to those records even if your entire facility were to be destroyed.

Speak to an EHR system provider today in order to discuss the many ways in which it can benefit you and your patients. EHR systems can help you keep secure backups of your patients' health records, while also allowing for easier and more convenient communication between yourself and your patients.